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Blue Skies

Joining Our Community

It's easy to join our community of pilot owners!


Start by following the checklist below:

  1. Review Frequently Asked Questions about the Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club, and read the Club's Bylaws and our Flying Regulations and Operating Rules.

  2. Complete a New Member Application. Follow the instructions accompanying the application and collect all required supporting documents.

  3. Contact us to schedule a new member visit.
    During your meeting, you will receive a tour of our hangars and aircraft, an overview of member responsibilities and information regarding our online scheduling system
    . We'll also answer any questions you may have.

Upon joining the Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club, you are required to apply for an Airport Identification and Access Badge to comply with Transportation Security Administration regulations. ​The badging process is controlled by Rochester International Airport and the TSA and consists of filing an application, attending an education session and paying a processing fee.

Contact us to begin the application process today!

Image 3
Training in Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club's Piper Archer II, N47955.
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